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Yoni seat


Product description:

  • A COMFORTABLE CONTOURED SEAT THAT ATTACHES TO YOUR EXISTING TOILET - No need to try to climb out of the uncomfortable yoni steam seat tub when you are already in pain; unlike other options, this steamer seat is contoured and provides comfortable seating for all hip sizes. yoni steam seat Size 16.5 x 14.5 x 4.5 inch.
  • EFFECTIVE HEMORRHOIDS AND GENITAL HYGIENE TREATMENT - Perfect pairing with Daily Remedy yoni steam seat; feel instant relief from postpartum pain in the vaginal/anal region; keep everything clean and free from infections; avoid expensive medical treatments, pain medication, and long waits at the doctor's office.
  • SIMPLE TO USE; EXPERIENCE ACCELERATED HEALING - 4 vented holes in the back makes it easy to empty bowl into the toilet by lifting after use; white seat matches and attaches to your existing standard or elongated toilet set; also fits on the commode, oval, and oblong style toilet seats.
  • YOU DON'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE PAIN - Feel your absolute best by just sitting down and enjoying the soak in your yoni steam seat salts solution; simply add warm water, The Cookie Shop’s Cookie Steam and sit for the perfect steaming solution when suffering from bacterial infections, PCOS, PID, hemorrhoids, perineal tears, cyst, and anal fissures.


  • WHY BUY yoni steam seat, it works on any sized toilet bowl, or toilet rim, round, oval, or elongated, and can also be placed on top of any toilet seat. It's UNIVERSAL.
  • A BETTER HYGIENE SOLUTION; our smart one-piece BPA plastic mold design has no folds, so there’s no chance of harboring mold or germs between the fold when drying or storing.
  • REDUCE INFECTIONS; warm water yoni steam seat improves hygiene and promotes blood flow around the genital region. Doctors, midwives, and postpartum care nurses recommend a bath.
  • REAR OVERFLOW VENTS CREATES LESS MESS; why risk spillage with front vented yoni steam seat, rear vented yoni steam seat are simple to empty, just lift and wipe clean.
  • REDUCE BOTTOM, BACK, AND LEG SORENESS; with our proven contoured seat design, and wider seating area, our yoni steam seat gives added support where needed.
  • NO BATHTUB REQUIRED; when limited by mobility issues, time-poor, or just given birth and need to relieve yoni soreness or Inflammation, or hemorrhoids, our proven bath saves time, money, its easy to fill, use, and clean.

Yoni steaming in the comfort of your own home especially during COVID-19

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